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Open Air Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Park Body Building


The open air outdoor fitness equipment trengthen the upper-limb and lower-limb 

muscle and improve the body consistency andagility. 


Sittig on the seat of open air outdoor fitness equipment.Grip the grip-plate,the legs pedaling down,at the same time,the arms pulling 

straightly.Repeat those actions

Muscle Group Used 

Fitness Rider

Open Air Outdoor Fitness Equipment Exercise Muscle

 Our Philosophy:

Every of Liben design member keep in mind that the play value is not from the events or activities of those structures of equipments; it is on the play itself. The core of our design concept is play value, we continuously maximum this in our design to help each user develop physical coordination, confidence, social skills, as well as a healthy &happy & active lifestyle.

Open Air Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Open Air Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Park Body Building


Liben focus on providing valuable, safe and quality open air outdoor fitness equipment, so quality has been regarded as source of our enterprise since the date of Liben foundation. Liben is always pursuing standard operation process management when we applied ISO certificates, and severely implementing in our daily manufacturing and management. In 

Liben we keep the belief of"making every work correctly and properly, and finish it in right way".

open air outdoor fitness equipment certificate


Safety is the permanent” lifeline”of Liben.
Over the years, Liben consistently holds the policy of “Safety First, Prevention Foremost” and thoroughly infiltrates into products design, material selection, manufacturing, as well as our company internal management operation. We ensure all employees by a special safety instruction, and ensure all subcontractors’ and visitors’ safety from the original design to people's playing on our open air outdoor fitness equipment.

high quality open air outdoor fitness equipment

We believe collaboration and teamwork among peers, departments, customers, and vendor partners is critical to our near- and long-term business.Only joined efforts can we  product 

unique open air outdoor fitness equipment. Therefore Liben not only encourages the individual development of its employees, but also focuses on increasing their ability in teamwork, such as communication, handling conflicts and transposition thinking.

open air outdoor gym equipment teams

5) FAQ

1.Are you manufacturer of open air outdoor fitness equipment?
Yes, we has been working as manufacuturing for over 10 years.
2.Did you every export open air outdoor fitness equipment to my location?
Yes,  surely we did, we have ben exporting to over 60 countries, and we are now building the distributiong net all over the world, just show me your location, and we will be happy to provide project information for your reference.
3).Is it possible to get the best price from your company?
Our price is always competitive in the market. and we promise to offer the best price based on the same quality.
4)What service can you offer me?
As a professional manufacturer, we will provide free outdoor equipment design with CAD & 3D models, quality products with low maintenance, free installation & maintenace consultaiont, meantime, it will be very easy to do the sourcing to meet all your needs.


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