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International gift for your children

Date:2015-12-05 12:00:00 Views:3578

       Are you still being confused about the New Year’s gifts for your children or grandchildren? Are you trying to find something funnier and fresher which won't make them feel boring? Come here! We are kids amusement park equipmentmanufacture, can also meet your requirements. your  gift never just local candies, clothes or shoes any more, but internationalized Children's playground Equipment

  Now, you meet us, all those problems can be solved by us, we can recommend many different options for you as your request, most important is we can Customize it for you within your budget

  First option I strongly suggest you our Plastic Playground playhouse, It contains slide, climbing step and house, especially the swing, nearly every children like swing most in their early childhood. Also one of our Philippine customer who have been this market for many years, also selected this set immediately without doubt for his nephew. So if you have children about 3- 6 years old, this is really the best gift for them. Most important is the cost is cheap, every family can have it. See below picture.

Outdoor Playground,

   If you don’t have the back yard as the first suggestion, now I suggest you other choice, it is used for indoor playground, also can’t take much space. When children grow up and just can walk without parents’ holding. Just enjoy the happiness of that new emotion, they can’t stop walking and will climb time by time, and parents will not have that much time to take care of them, so this equipment is of course the No 1 choice. Indoor animal climbing tunnel. The children can climb inside the tunnel and it is safe alone. The advantage of this set product is can be installed at room. Also can strengthen the children body.

indoor playground

  If you don’t like that last two suggestions and have more space and money for your children. We can suggest you to consider customizing big indoor playground equipment. Our designers can design and customize the equipment for you as your room size, we have different kinds style of that equipment, such as ocean series, jungle series, pirate series, Disney series and so on, I am sure it can meet your children’s imagination. The products have different playing functions, including balls, rocking horse. Climb structure, long slide, pirate boat and so on. Attached one designing to you for your reference:

big indoor playground equipment

  Here comes the most important parts, after a series recommendation, we will of cause take some actions. In order to support your wishes, we will provide a series ofpromotion to save your money. Each festival we will put out different theme's promotion for different clients. If you are the ending customers, congratulations, you can get the price of any kids plastic toys lower than Local Retail Price.

  If you are trading company, it’s the time when you can earn the highest profit for lower price buying from us but higher price sale to your clients because festival always the best business season for kids play products and toys, it’s just the time you have to full your stocks.

Price of playground equitment

  Thanks Giving Day and Christmas Promotion: promotion for all kinds of 2015 children Playground in good quality and with CE to enrich kids festival.

 Year-end Promotion

  Year-end Promotion: mainly to choose some hot sale outdoor amusement park or indoor funny play sets according to the whole year’s sales record for your reference.

 New series promotion

  New series promotion: promotion to open market if have any new  high quality and competitive price kids outside playground equipment.

Promotion for outdoor fitness equipment

 Promotion for outdoor fitness equipment: mainly for people who are in the market for outdoor gym sport equipment.

 We know that quality is always the most concerning things for each client, so we always put quality first to make every clients be satisfied with it, because we know that’s the rules for long-term business, below are some Feedbacks from our clients for your reference:


 If have any order at hands, just feel free to contact us! i think we will your best supplier in China!


  Thank You!


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