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780 Sqm Customized design large indoor commercial trampoline parkin Israel

#1: About Description

Israel trampoline park design

Model No.:5.LE.B9.708.282.05

Park Size:780Sqm

Recommended Ages: Above 5 years old or as long as you can walk and jump without any heart diseases.

Apply for:Commercial Indoor Play Centers, Shopping Malls, Sports Centers, In Amusement parks,Themed Parks, Super Mall, etc...

Israel trampoline park layout plan

#2: About Main Parts

There are lots of trampoline park suppliers on Alibaba, with similar descriptions or similar projects, however, there aren't many real manufacturers.

Among the real manufacturers, we have our own secrets to make our trampoline parks special.


Top Trampoline Park manufacturer-Trampoline park steel parts

We use superior quality galvanized steel pipes, and our metal frames and structures are tested according to and meeting with ASTM and GS certificates standards.
It is the base of building a safe trampoline park, and we always give priority to safety, unlike the small factories who only seek for the lowest costs.


trampoline park-Mats

We use high quality PP jumping mats in our trampoline parks. 99.9% of the Chinese Trampoline Park suppliers who claim they are using USA imported jumping mats are NOT true, which is also made in China.
We are 100% honest to our customers and we are confident that we will make the Trampoline park nice and up-to-world-class with all the made-in-China materials.

There are 2 different types of jumping mats for your choice according to the needs, one is the normal type and the other is the professional type (the white one)


Top Trampoline Park manufacturer-Trampoline springs

While the metal parts are the Body of a trampoline park, the springs are the Soul.
The very essence of a successful trampoline park with excellent bounce feeling is the performance of the SPRINGS.
Liben has done many tests and finally invented this type of springs which just work perfectly when you bounce.
Customers are very happy with their bounce experience in our trampoline parks and glad to return so as to run a long-term booming business.

#3: About Production

1) Spacious and clean 20,000sqm 5S workshop with advanced machines.

2) 80+ experienced and diligent workers cherishing great senses of responsibility.

3) 25 x 40ft containers per month large volume production capacity.

trampoline park standard production

#4:About Packing Shipping

1)Well Arranged Warehouse

2)Experienced loading with camera recording

trampoline park packing and shipping

#5:About Installation

1)Global installation service for 6 continents.

2)11 engineers’ average experience is over 3 years.

3)18 countries installation experience.

Top Trampoline Park manufacturer--installation

#6:Why Choose Us?

1)Good Feedback and Guarantee Transactions:

In this era of Big Data, self-bragging is no longer working, as the date itself speaks.

We are proud to present the following real transaction data from Alibaba to our dear customers.In the trampoline park industry, we are confident to state that we are:


Top Trampoline Park manufacturer--good comments

Top Trampoline Park manufacturer--good comments

2)More than 300 trampoline park projects Experience:

After 5 years persistent efforts by 158 stuffs, Liben has built 300+ trampoline parks in 34 countries ,total area is over 150,000sqm. Liben trampoline parks were all over the 7 continents except Antarctica, what a pity for Emperor Penguin.

trampoline park projects

3) Not only supply equipments, but also provide soft services:

We LIBEN no long sell  trampoline park  equipment only from now on, coz our own trampoline park named Pokkido already finished installation and will open in Feb.2018,and our park has pass the TUV safety test and all up to the EN saferty standard. Thus we will share our rich operation experience with clients from the business start to business operation.We also have hard copy of operation guide which cost us 2 years research and make up. 

#7 Contact Us now!

We’re proud to built upindoor trampoline parksin worldwide,“make people healthier and happier”, it’s our mission and we will never stop.

With 300+ trampoline parks experiences, we have good confidence to build next 300 parks, contact us and make a successful business.

Mr.Loic Hoo/Sales Manager


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