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Colorful Fitness Series

Date:2016-01-09 12:00:00 Views:4255

All the fitness in our catalogue is our Liben's classical color match(green+grey).The reason,we choose green is:green is light and healthy color which always makes people's eyes be comfortable.when talk about green,people always think of healthy,it also makes people feel relax.

but green+grey not the only color we can product.we can also product other color matches for you.The available color is :green,grey,blue,orange,red,yellow,dark green,and so on.below we provide you some other color match for your reference






7)dark green+red

Besides different color match's design,we can also do some different structure design according to clients' requirements.

1)combine the existing structures of the fitness with each other,to make it a new multi-functional fitness equipment

2)we also have a series which is just for disable people,along with the 

development the disabled people's healthy become more and more 

important.So it is neccessery to provide more items for them to make 

them feel that they are not so much different with normal person.

3)ofcause we can also products some fitness which is totally different with our existing structures according to client's demands.Innovation always the blood for 

all company,we need more and more unique designs to meet market's requirements,

only do this,can we be eliminated by market.

There for if you have any project about outdoor fitness equipment,welcome contact 

us,we are professional manufacture with 11 year's experience,we can provide you 

almost all kinds of design.All out fitness equipment use 2.5mm thick galvanized 

steel pipes whose diameter is 114mm or 127 mm.and use Akzo color powder 

which import from netherlands for coating.Most importantly,we product according 

EU standard for each step,so i'm confident that,our fitness will meet your demands.

Welcome your inquiry,we always after your service!

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