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8 Steps to Protect Your Trampoline from Legal Liabilities

Date:2018-12-15 10:02:21 Views:1016

So you’re planning to a open a trampoline park. Congratulations. You choose one of the most popular games ever. We understand there’s chance that some investors may draw back because of the involved risks of injury. We’re here to teach you how to reduce your risks of potential legal liability with a few simple steps, then you can start the exciting business venture. 

1.Get your trampoline park insured

Having proper insurance is invaluable to your business efforts. An expert can help you evaluate your company and figure out what insurance you need.Trampoline park as part of your personal property, insurance will protect your equipment from any unexpected accidents, and protect your rights in case of any unexpected injuries.

2.Create a waiver and use it

When a person walks in to play in a trampoline park, the first thing they should do is to sign a waiver. The waiver is the legal document that seriously reminds the players about the potential risks in trampoline park and, most importantly protects you from trampoline park lawsuits. The waiver should state that the person is giving up the right to sue the trampoline park for the accidents or injuries caused by participation in activities in the park. If the player is under 18, you have to make sure the parents or legal guardian sign the waiver, not older sibling, not friend’s parents, etc. 

3.Train your staff properly

The people you hire should be trustworthy and dependable. Taking the time to properly train staff can not only teach your people what to do to prevent injuries, but also give them the motivation to take their job seriously. They should be completely aware of the importance of their job to keep the players play safe. They are your eyes and ears, your safeguard who can prevent a lot of injuries simply by enforcing the rules in the park. 

4.Inform your customers

It is very important to educate the players on the rules of trampoline park. Customers should have to sit through a demonstration of the rules before they’re allowed to enter the park. You should also instruct customers that they are to follow any directions from staff at all times.