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Do You Know Who Invented Trampoline?

Date:2019-05-25 11:15:13 Views:1182

The trampoline was invented by American George Nissen. 

Born in 1914, he was the founder of modern trampoline sports.

George has always liked to bounce on the big bed at home. 

When he was in high school, George fell in love with the circus performance. 

Watching the acrobats jump to the safety net, jump back and jump up, 

do all kinds of tricks in the air, spin, turn the bucket, George is very excited.

At the circus, jugglers often used the spring-loaded bouncing table, bouncing net or spring pad to perform the show. However, these bouncing platforms and bouncing nets have to be reassembled every time they are used, 

which is very troublesome. George wanted to design a standard jumping platform so that everyone could come and play.

George's first action was to push out his father's car in the garage and make room for his workshop.

Then George used his brains to pick up some springs, rubber bands and angle irons from the dump, 

instead of the materials and tools he couldn't afford. 

Next, George began to analyze and study the various bouncing nets and bouncing platforms that were available at the time.

He also went to the circus to solicit the opinions of the acrobats, 

try to meet their needs, and consult with professional engineers to solve the durability problem.

Finally George puts a list of issues that need to be improved into a list, as above.

In accordance with this idea, George tied the canvas to the metal legs around a bed with rope and rubber bands, 

and then took it to the campus. The children were immediately attracted to the new gadgets, lined up all day, taking turns playingGeorge's bounce, and not letting the students from outside school play.

In 1938, George applied for a patent for his bouncing platform, called the "boring machine", and mass production, but the trampoline was not as popular as he thought.

Later, George joined the US Navy and still had enthusiasm and confidence in his invention.

He persuaded the troops to use the trampoline project as one of the pilot's training courses to develop the pilot's airborne positioning capabilities and to give the pilot a sense of weightlessness.

After the war, George began to promote the trampoline movement, telling people that his new invention can make people jump higher than the kangaroo, so that everyone can experience the joy of jumping.

George has always expected the trampoline competition to be listed as the official competition of the Olympic Games. This wish was realized in the 27th Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.

In 2008, George also came to Beijing with great interest and watched the trampoline competition of the Beijing Olympic Games.

Today, the trampoline park is blooming everywhere, and the trampoline movement is also booming around the world.