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How to install the trampoline park?

Date:2018-07-26 09:40:37 Views:1280

Till July of 2018,We have exported 400+ trampoline park systems to other than North America. We have undertaken installations of sports halls and gymnastics facilities in Armenia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Sudan, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Australia and many other locations out of China, Actually there are many clients asking this questions.

we have two solutions for this installation issue:

First of all, we will send you the detailed engineer installation drawings, with this drawings you can finish the installation step by step as according to our guildlines, also we will support you online by sending you real installed pictures or videos for your reference.

Second, we can send our professional installations engineers to work with your teams or we can send full teams out to fully fit out your facility. but please note this service is by charge, the installation cost including engineers' salary that 110 USD each day per each one, round trip air tickets and Visa Fee as well as some more local costs such as hotel and food, etc.

Anyway, we suggest sending our installation engineers team to your park if it is biger more than 800 Sqm ensure the equipment under good condition and safety.

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