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What Is The Most Important Aspect Of Outdoor Fitness Equipment?

Date:2021-06-18 04:25:25 Views:176

 Outdoor fitness equipment is expensive in the eyes of the general public. If it is specific equipment used in gyms, it often costs tens of thousands of dollars to start with, but outdoor fitness equipment is much cheaper, mainly because it is offered to the general public and not charged to the community, so procurement costs must be low and the following issues should be noted when making municipal purchases.

The text contains the following.

1, qualified quality

2, conformity to popular use

3, procurement by tender

4, mass production

5, maintenance of equipment

First, qualified quality

  The price of outdoor fitness equipment is not the lower the better, to float within a reasonable range, some manufacturers to fight for government contracts, a big reduction in price, but if they use poor quality raw materials, can not guarantee the use of years, a comprehensive calculation of the waste is still very large, so to ensure that the quality is the premise, the price is secondary.

Second, conformity to popular use

  Outdoor fitness equipment, even if the price is low, must also be in line with the public use, some cold outdoor fitness equipment and equipment is more difficult to operate, and even need special teaching courses, of course, is not suitable as open to the public equipment, fitness equipment provided in public land, must take into account all age groups, as well as general concern about the direction of exercise, simple to start, manufacturing convenience, which can also effectively reduce the cost.

Thirdly, procurement by tender

  There are many companies on the market, and to avoid grey transactions, all government and unitary procurement works must take the form of tenders, and those partially allocated for construction sites must also be subject to public hearings, which have become a fixed procedure in recent years, and prices must be determined through tenders, with no black-box operations.

Fourth, mass production

  The one-off purchase of such equipment often reaches tens of millions of RMB, and every year the equipment is replaced or rested. As the contracts are relatively large, manufacturers who meet the qualifications will organize mass production, which is conducive to cost reduction, and on the one hand, protects the special funds from being wasted, and on the other hand enhances the profit of the enterprise, which is a win-win situation.

Fifth,maintenance of equipment

  As most of these machines belong to the public use, naturally also involves the follow-up maintenance part, the regional government will contract the maintenance of the equipment to a third-party maintenance company, by the other party to provide daily supervision and protection, there is damage to repair and replacement, the need to update and upgrade also by the other party to assess the follow-up costs, must also set out the entries.

  The price of outdoor fitness equipment is not the only criterion for procurement. Firstly, it is important to ensure quality and the safety of public exercise, secondly, it should be popular and accessible to all, and lastly, it should be as inexpensive as possible.