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Liben New trampoline park project in Turkey

Indoor trampoline park manufacturer--Indoor trampoline park in Turkey 

Liben Group is a leading China based designer and professional manufacturer of commercial indoor trampoline park,indoor fitness trampoline, offering competitive price and one-stop service.  This park is a completed custom design and it is our new indoor gym trampoline park project for our client in Turkey. It combines the trampoline park, including free jumping zone,  basketball trampoline zone and foam pit zone with climbing wall,dodgeball play zone and professional olympic trampoline zone, etc...

    Indoor gym trampoline park manufacturer---Trampoline park in Turkey

Indoor gym trampoline park manufacturer--Liben Trampoline park in Turkey 

Indoor gym trampoline park manufacturer--Liben Trampoline park in Turkey 

Indoor gym trampoline park manufacturer--Liben Trampoline park in Turkey 

Indoor gym trampoline park manufacturer--Liben Trampoline park in Turkey  

China Indoor gym trampoline park manufacturer 

As a professional indoor trampoline amusement park manufacturer, we'd like to offer a better view of the games in our indoor trampoline park design, the below is a brief introduction for each function area for better understanding:

1. Free Jumping Zone

The free jumping zone in trampoline park design is an area for bungee jumping without any limit. No matter you're a newbie or a professional, you'll always "jump"  your way out happily.

China Indoor trampoline park builder--free jumping zone 

 2. Dodgeball Zone

Dodgeball Zone is an area where your fighting will would be aroused. The dogeballs are the weapons against your "enemies". Always hit your target or dodge the balls. 

China Indoor trampoline park builder--dodgeball zone 

3. Basketball Zone

Is slam dunk difficult? Not at all in trampoline park. Basketball Zone is an area where you can dunk like a NBA super star. Doesn't it sounds awesome?

China Indoor trampoline park builder-basketball zone 

4. Foam Pit

Foam Pit in trampoline park design is like a diving pool full of soft foam blocks. You're safe to jump, or dive or free fall into the pit. Foam Block fight sounds a great idea as well. 

China Indoor trampoline park builder--foam pit  

5.Gymnastic Jumping Zone

Gymnastic Jumping Zone in trampoline park design is a heaven for professionals to "show off" their jumping tricks, forward or backer somersaul, air walk onto the wall, etc. 

China Indoor trampoline park builder--gymnastic jumping zone  

6. Ninja Course Area

Ninja course in trampoline park design is the newest trend for a comprehensive trampoline park. It's an area where you can be Tarzan.

 China Indoor trampoline park builder-ninja course area  

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