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Customers needn't worry about installation !

Date:2017-10-25 06:53:45 Views:2565

Installations always a trouble for customers,especially client who never buy fitness bfore for two reason:

1.clients do not know or not familiar with the fitness,it is hard for them to install them by themself.

2.Some screws or other small parts maybe missing during shipping,which will cause much trouble for installation

So here we will installa them in our workshops before shipment to make clients be more convenience.

Once the installation problem resolved,you may be worry about that,if it will cause much more shipping cost 

to ship an installed fitness.Here we Liben can also help you solve these problems,we have a very very professional 

loading teams,which can make full use of any small space of the container to help sve you as much as shipping

cost for you!

Ofcause if you think install them is not a prolem for you,we can also send you the fitness which without 

installed,and you needn't to worry about the missing parts,because we package them reasonable and will 

provide you 2% more screws for you to make sure you won't have any problems while installation!

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