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Liben can also provide detail technical drawings!!

Date:2017-10-25 06:52:29 Views:2618

For professional manufacture,technical always very important,it is also the marks to judge if you are a manufacture or trading company.We can provide the drawing of the size and the drawing of the components for all of our fitness equipment.

1) Fitness Exploded View

It's list out all the components of this item,it is in fact also an installation can see clearly what exact

this item including,and his structure.

2)Drawing of the Fitness Size 

It shows the exact size of the main structure and some big components.

3)Final Renderings

It hows the exterior of the finished product.

4) Exploded View and Size Drawing for other fitness items

With all of these detail and precise technical drawings,you never worry about the quality.From inquiry to order to shipping,we will feedback to you any updated news the first time!

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