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How to Build a Trampoline Park?-2

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Step 4: Find the Best Site for Your Trampoline Park

Find the best site for trampoline park

To build a trampoline park, the site is the top priority and is the key to running the park successfully as well. 
Considering that the young are the main players of the trampoline parks, generally we recommend the site of the park should 

be close to schools, commercial centers, supermarkets, gyms and comprehensive amusement park, or anywhere the young 

would love to go. And according to our experience, the below are some preferable site choices of building trampoline parks 

for your consideration:

Find the best site for trampoline park

Warehouses often offer the best value and have the size and ceiling height required, but you will sacrifice a bit on accessibility.

This is where your business plan comes in handy, because you will do a lot of this research up front to determine prime locations based on your market and make budget decisions. Keep in mind, the more you pay for rent, the less you have to spend on other necessary business costs, like utilities, salaries, capital investments, marketing, etc.

A reasonable cost per square foot is around. $2 – $4 / sq ft. for warehouse space a bit outside prime traffic patterns. If you choose a high-traffic, strip mall location, expect to pay quite a bit more. Certain markets may also be more expensive, due to the nature of commercial real estate in the area. Major metropolitan areas are typically more expensive than suburban or rural areas.

Look for a building that is at least 15,000 sq ft. You want to have ample space for the jumping and non-jumping areas. Depending on your budget, your trampoline park equipment may use up to 70% of your total floor space. You will also want to pay attention to ceiling height. In order to comply with safety standards, you should have at least 5.2m (17 ft) of ceiling clearance.

Step 5: Contract Signed and Pay Deposit

Trampoline Park Order Confirm

While preliminary consultations can begin prior to payment, Liben will get our team of experts to do customized design for your trampoline park according to the space. Once all the design and order details confirmed, you will need to make a 30% deposit before we arrange production for you. We accept payment methods like Alibaba trade assurance, T/T, and L/C.

Step 6: Technical Drawings before Production

How to Start a Trampline Park (6)

After we receives your down payment, we will use the latest technology to create high-quality engineering-stamped drawings that bring the initial concepts to life. This is a critical step to ensure that the manufacturing team has all the necessary details to create your trampoline park equipment to meeting design and safety specifications, including your chosen features and color scheme. This process may take 1 -2 weeks. You will have these drawings for installation after the trampoline park is delivered.



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