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How to build a trampoline park-3?

Date:2018-01-20 03:52:27 Views:2512

STEP 7: Manufacturing and Fabrication of Trampoline Park

Manufacturing and Fabrication of Trampoline Park

In this phase we will manufacture the steel framing, jump surfaces, mats, and safety pads to meet design and color specifications.

Our manufacturing process meets or exceeds all precautionary safety recommendations and required standards. The safety of your customers is of utmost importance to us, and we strive to ensure that all manufactured and fabricated equipment meet your needs for branded design, functionality and safety, as well as local regulations and insurance requirements.

STEP 8: Final payment
When production is complete, you are almost ready to open to the public! Before the equipment will be delivered, you will need to make the rest 70% payment. Once this payment is made, the trampoline park equipment will be shipped to your location.

STEP 9: Trampoline Park Installation

Trampoline Park Installation

Once your equipment has been shipped to you, and you have accept the price of hiring our installation crews. They will arrive at the address and work quickly to assemble and install your trampoline park. Installation will meet all ASTM safety standards. The phases of construction include:
1. Framing assembly
2. Installation of custom mats and pads, springs, nets, and other accessories.
3. Building of all custom decking and non-jump surfaces.



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