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How to Train Staff for Trampoline Park?

Date:2018-01-27 10:39:35 Views:2662

Trampoline park staff training is to better serve the players, prevent potential safety risks and well maintain 

the trampoline equipment. Well-trained staff will get more players enjoy the fun of jumping and then boost 

the popularity of the trampoline park. 

How to train staff for trampoline park

1. All the staff should know the basic structure of trampoline equipment, so they can do the basic maintenance, like fixing the springs and soft pads. 

2. All the staff should know all the different games zone in the trampoline park, including the play rules, safety rules, etc, and they can guide the players how to play. 

3. All the staff, especially the guards,  should remember all the safety rules. During the jumping, if find any player go against the rule, they should stop him immediately to prevent any potential injuries. 

4. The professional training staff should have a comprehensive teaching system. They know how to do the professional tricks/movements, (eg. wall running, back flip, front flip, etc) on trampoline and make sure all the players learn the tricks within their ability to avoid dangers.

5. The engineering staff should know the trampoline equipment quite well. They can do daily basic maintenance and regular overall inspection to ensure the equipment is safe。 

6. All the staff should know the potential injuries on trampoline and know how to carry out the first aids appropriately. For example, 

Ankle Sprain, 

Step1: Rest: Advise the casualty to sit or los down. Support the injured part in a comfortable position.

Step 2: Ice:  Apply ice or cold compress to the injured part as soon as possible.

Step 3: Compress: Apply gentle, even  pressure to the injured part by surrounding the area with a layer of soft padding followed by the use of roller bandage. Take the casualty to hospital.

Step 4: Elevate: Raise and support the injured part to reduce the flow of blood to the injury. This action will help to minimize bruising in the area.

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